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    Hall Current Detector
    General Description Hall current detector measures the magnetic flux which is produced proportionally to the current, without any contact with the primary circuit by combining the magnetic circuit and the hall element. This results in no voltage drop in the measured circuit and is an ideal solution for measuring AC/DC with an excellent galvanic isolation.
    Features and Benefits Measurement of DC or AC (Several kHz) or both.
    Galvanic isolation between primary and secondly.
    No power losses.
    Quick response.
    High reliability by simple Construction design.
    Application Examples Current control and detection of over current in various types of inverters(CVCF, vector).
    Current control and Detection of over current in industiral robots, automationdevices, NC······
    Current control and Detection of over current in lazer equipments, welders,stabi- lized power supplies.
    Current Monitor of DC and AC, in general.
    Packages Hall Current Detector Figure
    Figure (1) shows the principle diagram of the detector. The magnetic flux produced in proportion to the current If, induces in the hall element, inserted in the gap of the magnetic circuit, a potential difference Vh given by the following formula :
    Vh = k • Ic • B ••••• (1)
    Vh Hall voltage
    K Coefficient of sensibility
    Ic Control current
    B Magnetic fluxdensity
    The induced Vh is small and is amplified by an amplification circuit.


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