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    Hall Current Detector Application Notes

     (1) The sensor uses polar electronic components. When connecting, any error in power source polarity will cause damage. Please exercise care.

    (2) Electrical current in excess of the amount specified may cause saturation of the iron core, so that output voltage may not be obtainable in proportion to the electrical current. Please seek further consultation in this case.

    (3) Static electricity or excessive voltage can increase an offset voltage in the Hall element, and cause offset voltage to change. Please exercise care in handling and application.

    (4) In order to prevent the influence of noise, the use of twisted cable or shielded cable for the output line is recommended.

    (5) When using high-frequency electrical current, the core material may experience significant iron loss, causing temperature to rise. In that case, please use a product with larger rated current than measurement current.

    (6) If using this device within a magnetic field generated by other devices, the specified accuracy may not be obtainable.

    (7) The bipolar power supply products of closed loop products (S series) should be applied positive/negative voltage at the same time and symmetrically. When not be applied, the error of offset may increase.

    (8) Our products are adjusted with the trimming method by the measurement condition (Load resistance, Power supply voltage) of specification sheets. Therefore, characteristics (Offset, Output, etc) and its deviation may be changed in different circuit conditions from the measurement condition. All change characteristic items are not indicated on specification sheets.

    (9) The primary norminal current of specification sheets is DC current by reason of equipments.

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