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    General Description

    The SS109 is a unipolar Hall effect sensor IC fabricated from mixed signal CMOS technology. The device integrates a voltage regulator, Hall sensor with dynamic offset cancellation system, Schmitt trigger and an open-drain output driver, all in a single package.

    Features and Benefits

    Wide operating voltage range from 3.5V to 24V

    Medium sensitivity

    CMOS technology

    Chopper-stabilized amplifier stage

    Superior temperature stability

    Insensitive to physical stress

    Open drain output

    Low current consumption

    Small Size-SOT23 3L or SIP 3L both RoHS Compliant packages

    Application Examples

    Automotive, Consumer and Industrial

    Solid-state switch


    Speed detection

    Angular position detection

    Linear position detection

    Proximity detection


    3 pin SOT23W (suffix SO)

    3 pin SIP (suffix UA)

    Detail DataSheet



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