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    General Description

    The SS3613 Omnipolar Hall effect sensor IC is fabricated from mixed signal CMOS technology. It incorporates advanced chopper-stabilization techniques to provide accurate and stable magnetic switch points.

    Features and Benefits

    Operation down to 2.5V

    CMOS inverter output(no pull-up resistance needed)

    Micropower consumption for battery powered applications

    High sensitivity for direct reed switch replacement applications

    Omnipolar output switches with absolute value of North or South pole from magnet

    Optimized sleep mode for extended operating lifetime

    Small Size-TSOT23 3L or SIP 3L RoHS compliant packages

    Application Examples

    Solid-state switch

    Handheld Wireless Handset Awake Switch

    Lid close sensor for battery powered devices

    Magnet proximity sensor for reed switch replacement in low duty cycle applications



    3 pin TSOT23 (suffix ST)

    3 pin SIP (suffix UA)

    Detail DataSheet



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