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    General Description

    The SS817 is a self adjusting digital output rotary position gear tooth sensor designed for use in automotive camshaft sensing as well as other speed sensing applications. It is designed to be used with a bias magnet south facing the back (non-marked) side of the IC. The bias magnet can be from 50 to 400 mT. The device has an open collector output which is short circuit protected.

    As the signal is sampled, the logic recognizes an increasing or decreasing flux density. The output will turn on  after the flux has reached its peak and decreased by an amount equal to the hysteresis. Similarly the output will turn off  after the flux has reached its minimum value and increased by an amount equal to the hysteresis.

    Features and Benefits Short Circuit Protection
    Rotary Position Gear Tooth Sensor
    Self-Adjusting Magnetic Range
    High Speed Operation
    No Chopper Delay
    Zero Speed Detection
    No Rotary Orientation Concerns
    Application Examples Camshaft Sensor
    Solid-state switchGeartooth Sensor
    Linear Encoder
    Rotary Encoder
    Direction Detection
    Packages 3 pin SIP (suffix UA)
    Detail DataSheet SS817_N.pdf


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