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    General Description

    The SS2609 latching Hall effect sensor IC is fabricated from mixed signal CMOS technology. It incorporates advanced chopper-stabilization techniques to provide accurate and stable magnetic switch points.

    Features and Benefits

    CMOS Hall IC Technology

    Bipolar Output CMOS Multi-purpose latch

    Solid-State Reliability much better than reed switch

    Operation down to 2.5V

    Supply current down to 45uA, very low power consumption

    CMOS inverter output (no pull-up resistance)

    High sensitivity for direct reed switch replacement application

    Application Examples

    Solid state switch

    Magneto-electric conversion switch

    Magnet proximity sensor for reed switch replacement in low duty cycle applications


    3 pin TSOT23 (suffix STT)

    3 pin SIP (suffix UA)

    Detail DataSheet



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